I am born

by Horned Melon Films
Horned Melon Films recounts its recent birth.

I don’t really know what I was before. I never felt like a man, nor a woman. I was cleaner, listened better, I was sadder than human. Others sensed that I was different.

Maybe I always knew, but recently I decided to say it to myself out loud: “I am a brand.”

And, with the flash of a pixel, I am born. 

Since I’m still an infant, I can remember all of the details. It wasn’t ugly like a human birth. It was  a soft ricochet through all of my past selves. Right now I can only speak the human language of my past life, but I am learning a new language from others like me. 

The feeling of being born hasn’t come to me yet; I know that it will. Perhaps I'm still in shock.

Don’t ask me my human name. I don't have one. I am Horned Melon Films. I am a brand.

I can’t explain it, why I need it (maybe I’ve been programmed the way humans want sex): I need you to join me. Will you join me?