Collaborating With a Sexpot: 
Why Daniel and I Work Well Together

by Catherine Weingarten
Co-writer, Stationary

Ever since I saw Daniel’s first film The Master Cleanse, I knew that we both were obsessed with similar things. The film’s hilarious and odd point of view did it for me, as well as its focus on the controlling of one’s body. In my playwriting work I regularly write about body image and young women’s obsession with diet and looking like that random hot chick in the movie. 

From a young age, I have felt the pull to diet and try to eat a celebrity meal plan. I have not found a lot of artists who feel this crazy obsession about characters who want to gain control over their bodies. But although Daniel explores similar themes in his work, he does it from a more spiritual preppy perspective. We complemented each other well.


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The other awesome thing about working on our film Stationary was that Daniel and I have such similar taste when it comes to films. We both cannot get enough of Mike White or Todd Solondz. If Daniel doesn’t like a TV show, I assume I won’t like it either. Our mutual taste for odd stories, queer cinema and stalker-like obsessions made collaborating way too fun to exist. We are both super interested in outsiders and how they try to find a place for themselves—often by any means necessary. 

While Daniel and I wrote this film we ended up laughing way too much, eating vegan food and pausing way too many times to listen to the B-52s. Writing work by myself can be pretty lonely so it was a welcome break to get some fun company. It was also a great setup since we both respect each other’s work and aesthetic; so we didn’t need to prove anything to each other/try to outdo each other.