Booty Dance: The long-lost footage resurfaces

by Angelica Reeve
Actor, The Master Cleanse

Everyone has wow-what-a-small-world stories. I've run into old Shakespeare camp alumni on the street and discovered connections between friends from way different parts of my life. 

But it was still a huge surprise to get Daniel's first message. Back in Summer 2005 we were both at Vassar College; he was studying filmmaking and I was at the Powerhouse Acting Program. I can't even remember how I became involved or how he asked me, but I was in a 16mm short film he made, "Booty Dance.”

Angelica Reeve in "Booty Dance"

I do not recall any of the shoot. It wasn't until he sent me the video link and I saw my monstrous high school emoting mug that I even remembered its existence.

After begging Daniel to never release the footage and getting my lawyer involved, I finally agreed to audition for The Master Cleanse. The rest is history.

Horned Melon Films come a long way since Daniel and Angelica's high school filmmaking collaboration ten years ago!

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